University Login


The university login is your user account for the central access to limited services of the university, for example the file drives, Moodle, e-mail, Wi-Fi and many other services.

A university login is created for you when you begin your studies at the university. Upon completion of your studies your account is blocked and nine months thereafter deleted completely. The idle time is used in case of time used on a holiday semester.

Setup and issue of the university login

It is essential for the issue of your university login to appear in person at the Computer Centre at least once in order to provide us with proof of your ID and also to accept the IT terms and conditions.


With your enrolment, you will be automatically assigned a university login and a mail address. You can collect your access information at the "IT-Office for students" (room T106b).


All staff of the university, whose information is registered with the personnel department, will automatically receive a university login and an email address. You can pick up your access data in room T109.

Lecturer, guest

Lecturers and guests of the university are only automatically issued with a university account and an email address if your data has been registered at the Computer Centre by the respective faculty / host institution. You can pick up your access data in room T109.

Change password

To change your password, please log on the Outlook Web App. At the top right you will find the menu item "Options" and below the point "Change password".

For your own safety, please select a complex password. Our password policy ensures that too simple passwords will not be accepted.

Lost / forgotten password

If you have lost or forgotten your password, or your university login is blocked for other reasons, please go back to where you received your account information -Students room T106b, Employees, Lecturers and Guests room T109.

If it is not possible for you to come to the university personally, in exceptional cases it is possible to receive your relevant password information by paper mail.

Passwords will not be released per e-mail, fax or telephone!