Most of the functions of the CampusCard are directly visible on the chip card. Not visible is the electronic purse function that only via the integrated chip can be processed.

The term functions are explained as follows.

Student ID

The chip card contains, in addition to the photo, the first name, the surname, matriculation number and the validity of the student ID.


The period of new validity shall be printed on the student card.

Validity of the student ID is not to be confused with validity of the semester ticket!

Semester ticket

The semester ticket is shown on the front left side. On the basis of agreement with the Transport Authority Bremen, Lower Saxony (VBN), issuer of the semester tickets, the following components are available:

  • the logo of the VBN
  • the word "Semesterticket"
  • the validity (from/to)


The semester ticket is only valid within the specified period of time (from/to) and is not connected with the general validity (bottom right "Gültig bis:").

The semester ticket is valid in the entire network of the VBN and VEJ, as well as outside those areas in the computer trains on the following rail routes:

  • Bremerhaven - Cuxhaven
  • Leer - Rheine
  • Rastede - Wilhelmshaven - Esens (Ostfrl.)
  • Ahlhorn - Osnabrück, Hbf
  • Augustfehn - Emden - Norddeich, Außenhafen
  • Wildeshausen - Osnabrück, Hbf
  • Eystrup - Hannover, Hbf
  • Lemförde - Osnabrück, Hbf
  • Rotenburg (Wümme) - Hamburg, Hbf


The semester ticket is valid in the second class. No IC/ICE usage is allowed. Non-transferable! Within the various transport areas you are subject to the respective tariff provisions and conditions of carriage of the VBN, VEJ, Deutsche Bahn AG and the NordWestBahn GmbH.

Further information can be found on the internet page



Library Card

The CampusCard is equipped with a bar code, that facilities its use as a library card. The activation is carried out by the respective library.

In the following libraries the CampusCard can be used as library card:

  • Library of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer
  • Library of the Jade University of Applied Sciences
  • Library of the University of Oldenburg *
  • Oldenburg State library *

* mandatory prerequisite - a valid account at the library of the Jade University at the university location of Oldenburg

Electronic purse

Using the CampusCard you can pay cash free within the university. At the moment, you can use this function in the canteen. Gradually this will be expanded to allow further payment functions (library, print quota, etc.)

Please note the following conditions of use !!

The top-up machines are located in the canteen / at the cash registers (Emden).

Locker key

The CampusCard can be used as a key for some of the lockers in the area of the university library (only Emden).

The activation takes place on the day of use at a terminal in the entrance area of the library.

Please note the wardrobes and locker procedures of the library !

Copy Card

Money balances on the CampusCard can be used not only for the canteen food, but also to photocopy. The copiers in the university are provided with corresponding reading devices for the CampusCard.