Field of responsibility

We fulfill our duties as we divide ourselves into different fields of responsibility. Each unit has its own priorities. Our members can decide for one or more units each at the beginning of the semester.

Chief Financial Officers

The Unit CFO´s is about the management of the resources available for us.
At the beginning of the summer term, a budgetplan is created for the financial year. Incidental inputs and outputs are held to the principles of proper accounting. After the end of the financial year, the fund is controlled and billed in cooperation with the Asta.

Current members: Annika Runge, Kathrin Glüpker




Public Relations

The Public Relations main goal is to present the Student Representatives Council - Department of Economics in public. To reach this goal the present responsibilities include among others the infopoint near G118 it  has to be updated regularly. On the info point you will find our calendar of meetings, jobs and other interesting information about us for you).


Another task is: We supervise the website of us on the official website of the Hochschule Emden / Leer. On that page you will find current information about us. In addition we supervise griups in Facebook and our official appearance as a Facebook Page and Facebook Person.

Current members: Sebastian Borchers, Michel Reinold, Lian Chiu



Bachelor examination regulations

The members of the Unit BPO are your contact person for questions about the Bachelor examination regulations.

Current members: Sebastian Heidt