Why do I need the certificate?

Facing globalisation and the internationalisation of the job market, university graduates more and more need to act in international surroundings and prove competency in intercultural settings. Not least because of this development, the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer offers its students the possibility to acquire the Certificate Intercultural Competence Emden/Leer (CICEL) in order to prove intercultural competences for the upcoming professional life.

In this way, the CICEL is to be understood as a comprising certificate that proves your intercultural competences and describes the conducted components. It is an acknowledgement of your intercultural involvement that you performed during your studies, additionally to your regular academic achievements. You may use the certificate for applications and the start of your professional life to demonstrate your intercultural soft skills. Yet, it is not only the formal proof of intercultural competences that you benefit from, but also the personal and cultural experiences that leads you to cross-cultural change of perspective, self-reflection and broadening of the mind.