Psychosocial counselling

Psychosocial counselling

In case of study difficulties, exam nerves, or personal problems- the Studentenwerk Oldenburg offers psychosocial counseling in Emden at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer.

PSB Emden

 By problems round about family following institute could help:

pro familia Beratungsstelle Emden


Zwischen beiden Bleichen 1-3

26721 Emden


++49 4921 / 2 99 22

++49 4921 / 96 47 09

Appointments only made by call

Phone times:


17.00-19.00 pm


09.00-11.00 am


09.00-11.00 am


09.00-11.00 am and
16.30-18.30 pm



People with a disability:

By any problem please contact following person at the University of Applied Sciences

Mrs. Jimena Mejia Gil           Faculty of Social Work and Health

Office hours :

Wednesdays 11 - 12 am
(Bernhard Bauer)

Thursdays 11 - 12 am
(S. Ricklefs-Petersen)

pro familia is the leading non-governmental service and consumer organization for sexual and reproductive health and rights in Germany.

pro familia is politically and religiously independent. It specialises in issues of concern to the consumer in the area of sexual and reproductive rights.

pro familia counselling services focus on contraception, pregnancy, infertility, sexuality and relationships, abortion, sexual violence and women’s and men’s health issues. pro familia also provides services for specific target groups such as adolescents, immigrants, older women and men, women and men with physical and mental handicaps.