General advice

Semester Fees and Long-Term Tuition Fees in Lower Saxony

Semester Fees

Semester fees must be paid for one semester. You pay in WS 2015/16: €308,99 for Emden, and €240,99 for Leer.

Further regulations and special particulars can be found here.

Long-term study fees

Should a student exceed the standard period of study of the respective course by 6 additional semesters, long-term study fees will incur. These amount to 500 euros for each semester.

Excluded from the allowance of these 6 semesters is:

  • Someone who is entrusted with the care of a child (in the sense of § 25 para. 5 of the BAföG) that is not yet 14 years old at the start of each semester. (A birth certificate and a household certificate are required as proof that the child lives in the same household. If two students take care of the child in the same house, both are exempt.)
  • Someone who provides nursing care to a close relative. (Kinship to 2nd degree; an appraisal report from the medical service departments of the health insurance provider is required)
  •  Someone who takes on the office of Equal Opportunities Officer without being granted leave for this.
  • Someone who at the same time is enrolled at another university to study in a joint study course and has already paid tuition fees.
  • Someone who spends a period abroad to study, which is scheduled for in the examination regulations.

The collection of the semester fee or the long-term study fee may be waived if the payment would lead to unreasonable hardships. This is the rule, if there is:

  • a disability or serious illness (official medical certificate is needed) or
  • the student is the victims of a crime

which have an effect on the length of time needed to complete the course. (This application can therefore only be placed after the end of the standard period of study.)

All schemes can be abstracted from the §§ 11-14 of the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetzt, NHC) (Http://

BAföG (short for Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz: Federal Training Assistance Act)

The application for the regular BAföG should be filed at the latest when you receive the admission document to the Department of Educational Support at Student Services (Studentenwerk Oldenburg (SWO), Schützenweg 44, 26129 Oldenburg. The application can also be delivered to the branch office of the SWO in Emden (Mensa Building). For proof of enrolment you need to bring your letter of admission. The certificate of enrolment must be handed in after successful enrolment.

Office hours of BAföG-Counselling in Emden:

Tuesday to Thursday: 09:00 to 12:00 and 12:30 to 15:00

You can find further information in the Internet under the address:

Health insurance during your studies

When do you have to submit an insurance certificate?
For the enrolment at the start of your studies, if there is a change in health insurance provider or in the event that you change universities.

Stay insured with your family while studying
Students can still be part of the statutory health insurance of their parents up to the age of 25. Who has done basic military or civil service and therefore had to interrupt his studies or as a result started later, is also insured for that period of time. If you are insured with your parents, please submit a certificate issued by the health insurance provider stating this.

From 25 you have the choice
At the end of the family insurance there is of course the possibility to continue with the existing insurer. You will receive a new insurance certificate that you need to submit immediately.

Exemption from compulsory insurance
If you have joined up with a private health insurance company or your parents are insured privately, you must submit a certificate of exemption from a statutory health insurance scheme (AOK, Barmer, TK etc.)

At the end of the compulsory insurance
Compulsory insurance usually ends with the completion of your studies (no later than the end of the 14th semester) or with the semester in which you turn 30. For exceptional cases, please contact your health insurance company.

Please be sure to note: insurance certificates can only be accepted if your social security number as well as the operation number of the health insurance company is provided. A copy of your insurance card is not sufficient.