POPBLs Effect in different Countries

POPBL allows not only for pupils to find their individual way to science (enculturation, which means the gradual learning of the new rules in the scientific world) but can also be applied in different country cultures. It should therefore be effective in all cultural settings. According to that POPBL should be practicable in different cultural enviroments. However cultural differences relating to POPBL-teaching between the countries within the project were exspected:

  • The distance of POPBL teaching to the actual “traditional” teaching style (Countries whose teaching styles are too foreign to POPBL might not be able nor willing to experience POPBL)
  • The level of interest and achievement in science subjects being already high in the country (ceiling effect: A country like Finland with obviously excellent achievements in learning science might not profit too much by changing teaching styles to POPBL)
  • The particular increase of girls´ interest and participation. Those countries where girls are already more interested in science subjects might not take too much advantage by changing teaching styles to POPBL (ceiling effect).

All other cultural effects should have no influence on the outcome of the learning process, due to individual access (according to the specific cultures) possible by POPBL.