Characteristics of POPBL

  • POPBL („Project orientated and problem based learning/lecturing“) is a teaching method developed by the Aalborg University (Denmark) (ca. 2000).
  • In the focus of POPBL is a special task („problem“) that expresses itself as a new, real, exciting problem without an explicit solution (with degrees of freedom / freedom of choice) for learners (and often teachers).
  • The "path" to the answer of the problem is project orientated: The problem is cut up to partial problem and thus to partial projects. As a consequence "specialists" etablish. And yet each partial project works for their shared objective (to solve the problem).
  • The teacher swaps his/her role of know-it-all to  the role of an advisor and teacher on demand: the teacher structures the prozess and becomes a moderator.
  • Through additional learning objectives about methodical approach and communication the knowledge acquisition can be increased, new competencies can be learned and already existing  knowledge can be applied.
  • POPBL is very well suited for scienctific, technical subjects.