The Concept of Self-Efficacy

The concept of self-efficacy explains the increase of interest in science subjects that POPBL teaching offers: POPBL learning enables pupils to become scientifically and technically literate, and opens visible results to them: Pupils therefore obtain the necessary self confidence to succeed in science. They experience that they are able to influence (“control”) their outcomes in science subjects if they dedicate themselves to science problems encountered in their daily lifes. This concept is discussed in particular for girls and science teaching.


POPBL allows pupils to acquire knowledge not only by listening to teachers and understanding (or not understanding) the content, but also by actively experiencing the content and the suitable learning method themselves, by discussing, exercising, inquiring and thus finding their own individual access to scientific problems. This develops additional social and in particular communication skills, but also extra qualifications such as the ability to organize themselves and to work in groups. This ability is highly relevant to labour market and to successful studies at universities.