LinuxCNC: A computerized numerical control

LinuxCNC is a computerized numerical control for machine tools. It is used to control the steppers and servo motors.

LinuxCNC is released under the terms of the General Public License version 2. This means, that the software is free and open source and can be expanded.

LinuxCNC offers several graphical user interfaces (gui) for different applications like a touchscreen. Furthermore, it supports several kinematics e.g. for hexapods, scara robots, lathes and milling machines.

A software based programmable logic controller (PLC) with a graphical development environment is included to link inputs and outputs.

LinuxCNC at MABi

[Translate to English:] LinuxCNC konnte am Institut für Maschinen- und Anlagenbau bereits für verschiedene Projekte eingesetzt werden. Dazu zählen Maschinen-Neubauten, die von Anfang an diese Steuerung einsetzen und Umbauten von konventionellen Werkzeugmaschinen, die nachträglich für den CNC-Betrieb umgerüstet wurden.

Furthermore, LinuxCNC will be further developed at MABi, see Real Time Ethernet for LinuxCNC.

The official homepage of LinuxCNC: