Christian Brück

Katharina Auer-Voigtländer

Antje Handelmann

Inga Scheumann

Working-title of the dissertation:

Concepts of belonging of the so called “GDR kids of Namibia”


Prof. Dr. Sylke Bartmann,
University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, Lower Saxony, Germany

Prof. Dr. Kim-Patrick Sabla,
University of Vechta, Lower Saxony, Germany


The dissertation project is focussing on the self-construction of Namibians, who spend their childhood and youth in the eighties in the German Democratic Republic of Germany (GDR). The so called GDR-kids, a subgroup of the children of the liberation struggle (CLS), characterise an unrepeatable and significant form of triangle-migration in Namibian-German history. The scientific interest of the research is to discover new concepts of belonging with focus on socialisation and migration. Following the interpretative paradigm in social sciences, narrative analysis (Schütze, F. 2016) is used to reconstruct the formation of life processes, coping strategies and the productions of identity.