The Faculty of Social Work and Health is member of the 1998 founded international Social Work Network (SocNet 98), a union of faculties of Social Work, Social Services and Social Education at European universities (overview of the Network Partners).

Every year students and representatives of the individual universities meet at the International Week (International University Week - IUW), to work together and discuss issues of social work, to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences.

IUW 2018 will take place from 16 April till 20 April 2018 in:

- Bremen ("Social Work and Human Rights")

- Bournemouth ("Contemporary Social Work Practice")

- Jena ("Diversity, Innovation and Standards in European Social Work and Welfare States")

- Porsgrunn ("Activities and Culture in Social Work")

The IUW offers students the ideal framework to discuss and exchange ideas on Social Work or Social Education in the European context on an international level. The common language during IUW is English.

In 2016, our University of Applied Sciences in Emden has been one of the three venues for IUW. 

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