Information for Incomings

Incomings welcome!

As an incoming student, you have the choice to participate either in the exchange programme or in our general study programme.


Exchange programme:

In spring term, the Faculty of Social Work and Health offers an exchange programme in English for bachelor students of our partner universities:

"Supporting families, children and youths in their environment"

It includes theoretical seminars focusing on social work with children and young people, a project workshop as well as an excursion or a German language course. 

Application deadline: 30 November

Course overview



General study programmes:

Furthermore, the following study programmes can be attended by degree seeking students or exchange students:

Social Work (B.A.)

Social and Health Management (B.A.)

Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

Interdisciplinary Physiotherapy - Motology - Occupational Therapy (B.A.)

Social Work and Health in the Context of Social Cohesion (M.A.)

Language of instruction is German.

General Information

Some useful information for studying in the Faculty of Social Work and Health at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer:

Fact Sheet


German courses

Cultural programme for international students

Orientation weeks

Application for Erasmus+ and guest students

If you  like to study in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme or as a guest student in the Faculty of Social Work and Health, please first contact the International Office at your university. You will be informed there about the Erasmus+ programme or the application process.

After you have been nominated by your university to study at University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, please fill in the application form. The following documentation is also required: 

- 1 passport photo

- Curriculum Vitae (in German or English)

- Motivation letter (in German or English)

- Current Grades Overview (Transcript of Records; in German or English)

The application form must be signed by the international coordinator at your university. Please send us the completed and signed application form with the necessary documentation to the international coordinator of the Faculty of Social Work and Health.

Application deadlines:

autumn term 2017/18: 31/05/2017

spring term 2018: 30/11/17

autumn and spring term 2017/18: 31/05/2017




Prof. Dr. phil. Astrid Hübner


Head of International Programme of Faculty

phone: 04921-807-1194

room: G 121

Corina Sandersfeld

International Coordinator

phone: 04921 - 807 - 1242

room: G 020