Incomings welcome!

Information for incoming students can be found here.


Outgoings: Study and placement abroad

You want to study abroad? Or doing a placement abroad? Or you want to participate in the International University Week?

- Partner universities within Europe:

For students who stay abroad in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme, study fees at the host university will be covered and scholarships abroad will be paid. The time spent studying abroad will, in general, be recognised by the Faculty.

- Partner universites outside Europe:

Interested students can apply for a scholarship for a study abroad at a partner university outside Europe, too (PROMOS). Study courses abroad will, in general, be recognised by the Faculty.

- International University Week:

Each year, the International University Week is organized by three or four different European universities in April / May. Students of the Faculty of Social Work and Health participate in the IUW in general. The IUW 2018 will be organized in Bournemouth, Bremen, Jena and Porsgrunn.


For information about an exchange semester or a placement abroad and scholarships, please contact the international coordinator or look at the webseite of the International Office.





Prof. Dr. phil. Astrid Hübner


Head of International Programme of Faculty

phone: +49 4921-807-1194

room: G 121


Corina Sandersfeld

International Coordinator

phone: + 49 4921 - 807 - 1242

room: G 020