Maritime College of Technology

Nautical Science, Shipbuilding and Hydraulic Engineering under one roof

Proven credentials with the ship handling simulation allow the Maritime College of Technology in conjunction with the Laboratory for Ocean Engineering with highly competitive CFD resources to investigate the flow fields in the near field of ships and hydraulic structures.

In the areas of Ship Handling Simulation and CFD, comprehensive training is also offered to outsiders. Leading projects on the future of marine propulsion are worked on between university disciplines. Therefore LNG and globally recognised projects in the area of wind hybrid systems (e.g. in towing kites or Flettner Rotors) shift into focus.

In addition to the possibility of photogrammetric studies in the maneuvers pool, the equipment in the laboratories for physics and ship operating systems allows the long-term measurement of complex ship operational, nautical and scientific material parameters on maritime and inland vessels.

Via typical water sensing probes, instruments from the Maritime College of Technology can be provided from the integrated water sampler on techniques for underwater inspection right up to sound camera system range.


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Coordinators of the Maritime College of Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jann Strybny

Prof. Kapt. Michael Vahs


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