Nautical Sciences and Maritime Transport

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For everyone who is at home on the sea and wants to know where the modern ship journey is headed, we have the bachelor degree course in Nautical Science.

Students passing the Nautical Science course will at most become a captain or nautical officer.  There can also be positions with this qualification on land available, for example in shipping companies, shipping administration or as a pilot in an international environment. As the degree course comprises two practical semesters at sea, the fitness for sea service is, of course, a necessary requirement. It is possible that choosing to study Nautical Science with us may include ‘your’ ship sailing into Shanghai or Rio!!

With respect to the later fields of application, the teaching contents are very varied and reach from Navigating and Manoeuvring up to Ship Technology, Economics, Cargo Operation, Meteorology, Maritime Commercial Law and Staff Management.

The professional perspectives are excellent. The worldwide carriage of goods at sea increases without reduction; Germany (by nationality of owner) is in first place in the area of the container-ship voyages. At the same time there is a shortage in skilled labour: There will be a shortage of 30,000 nautical officers in the EU in the coming years.

On completion of the bachelor degree, you can augment and broaden your specialist knowledge by completing your Master Study Course "Maritime Operations". This degree course is offered in the English language and in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Haugesund, Norway. 



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