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Those who start studying with us, also normally need a room or apartment. Fortunately, Emden is not a "University City", in comparison to other cities. A place to stay can be found in the immediate vicinity of the university - relatively cheap, for less than 200 Euro. But how?

If you are in Emden anyway for matriculation etc., you can initially check out the numerous "blackboards" in the university. These can be found both in the vicinity of the cafeteria and canteen as well as in the individual faculties. You can also engage one of the numerous real estate agents in the city or during a stroll through the city check out the various offers in their windows-but remember this is not free of charge.

Also in the Saturday edition of the local newspapers (Emder Zeitung, Ostfriesen-Zeitung) , there is a comprehensive Emden based real estate market section which is also available online. In addition, there are also some free advertising newspapers, however some overlap since they are from the same publisher.

Besides private rentals there are also several dormitories in Emden:

  • Dukegat
  • Haus Gödens
  • Steinweg
  • Douwestraße

These are administered from the Student Services Oldenburg (Studentenwerk Oldenburg : SWO-Studentenwerk Oldenburg, is also responsible for Emden). With some dormitories you will have to reckon with a waiting list but you can also apply online.

Anyone coming from the south of Germany, you can also go search online. Besides the already mentioned links to the local newspapers and the SWO, you can try the following links - but there are certainly more:

The location of the apartment is relatively benign, all distances in Emden can be easily covered by car, next to the most popular means of transport in Emden, the bicycle (the university also has a bicycle repair shop with instructions!). In addition to the inner city, it is also worth your while looking at the suburbs. The Constantia district is of course ideal due to the proximity to the university, but it’s also expensive. Twixlum and Larrelt are also very reasonable and are connected by a pedestrian bridge over the bypass road; the same applies to the area by the Conrebbersweg which is accessible by a bridge over the Larrelter Tief. But if you are surprised to find such a cheap apartment in Petkum, please take a look at the city map first!
Bildunterschrift: In Emden we cycle!

In Emden we cycle!

Emden and East Frisia

If you would like to know a little bit about Emden and the surrounding areas, here are some links:

If you’re still bored, in addition to university sports, there are various clubs and associations to ensure you enjoy an active club life. And water lovers don’t have to travel far to access the nearest canal, lake, the river Ems or the North Sea. The ASTA even rents canoes!

The Groote Gracht - right next to the university

View at the university