Before your studies

All career tracks are open to you!

Career perspectives for graduates of Technical Management are exceptional positive and manifold.

After graduating from the study program Technical Management as “Master of Engineering” it is up to you if you want

  • to proceed an academic career attaining a PhD or,
  • to start with an industry job, or
  • to pursue a career as a civil servant in the highest career track (Germany).


A German higher education degree is highly recognized and respected. The University of Applied Sciences in Emden offers a full-time study program for prospective ‘Master of Engineering’ graduates; the degree is naturally internationally recognized. The language of instruction is English. This adds special value and an international appreciation to the program. Another advantage of our master study program is the abbreviated study duration of 3 semesters.

Participants already acquired a minimum of one year professional expertise in the industry, thus, they are willing to invest in a future successful career and admit themselves to gain expert knowledge in the sector of Technical Management.

Investing in an excellent education characterized by dedicated and expert lecturers enhances participants’ occupational career additionally. What is more, the University of Applied Sciences in Emden offers interesting and challenging options for a professional career by providing noteworthy business contacts, referring as well to our Alumni network.

Over 90% of our graduates started working in a qualified job shortly after receiving their degree (0-6 months). Not to forget, German language studies equip participants with additional knowledge and broaden the international career path.

After graduation a wide range of excellent and rewarding career tracks are open to graduates. Graduates have gained a unique set of technical and management skills during their studies which enhance their attractiveness before prospective employers

The 1 1/2 year masters course consists of 90 credit points and is arranged in three semesters.

The Winter Semester runs from September until January, with lectures and project-oriented laboratory lessons concentrating on different management fields.

The Summer Semester runs from March to July focussing on Project Management and technical subjects.

The third semester is reserved for the scientific project, the work on the Master thesis and the colloquium.

The student can freely choose to prepare the Master thesis at the university or in the industry with a combined supervison of a professor and an industry supervisor. The university recommends the latter in most cases.

Students can choose various eligible management and engineering courses.

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