Engineering Physics (B.Eng.)


Laser Technology in Emden breaks new ground

For more than 20 years Applied Optics and Laser Technology have been the key technologies of the 21st century which have been conveyed to the students at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. Laser device development and optical measuring technology form the basis for the development of innovative applications. In modern production technology, lasers are utilized as a universal tool for cutting, welding and micro-editing. The area of application extends from the automotive production of cruise ships to the manufacture of highly integrated computer chips. In the field of medicine operations can be accurately performed with minimal interventions, use of laser technology in tumour therapy, clinical diagnosis and individualized medicine lead to faster recovery of the patient. Optical communication technology is the prerequisite for the rapid growth of the data rates of the Internet with global fibre-optic networks.

This focal point/emphasis of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer is from the winter semester 2013/14 to further strengthen the cooperation between the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer in the joint international study program Bachelor and Master of Engineering Physics. The merger of the physico-technically oriented Laser Technology course with Engineering Physics closes the gap between the traditional physics and engineering training. The nationwide unique cross-university cooperation model, established in 1998, is extremely successful. Students with a comprehensive basic education in mathematics and the natural sciences in combination with application-oriented modern technologies and engineering, get to understand and develop this subject further.

Special value is placed throughout the course on intense internships and projects in which, mostly in groups of two, the knowledge acquired in lectures will be implemented. Well-equipped laboratories are a matter of course, as is close contact to the professors and scientific staff. With optical communication technology, laser development, laser medicine, material processing, measurement technology, microtechnology and materials technologies, all relevant areas of laser and optical technologies are included in this course program.

We offer those interested in the area of laser technology an international course which encompasses the bachelor degree and can also lead to a master degree. About half of our students then decide on a professional career with excellent recruitment and development opportunities, while the other half will decide to continue studying for a doctorate. In order strengthen the high demand for engineers and physicists in the optical technologies, a dual vocational integrated degree program with the focus on laser and optics is being prepared at the moment. If you are interested, please contact us under the e-mail address lasertechnik@hs-emden-leer, to be included in the distribution of information.

You can find more information about the study program engineering physics with emphasis on "Laser and Optics", "Renewable Energies" and "Biomedical Physics and Acoustics" under the link:


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  • Abschluss: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
  • Kurzbeschreibung: In den ersten fünf Semestern werden die fachlichen Grundlagen in Physik sowie in den Ingenieurwissenschaften gelegt. Die Spezialisierung kann in einem der Schwerpunkte "Laser + Optics", "Renewable Energies" oder "Biomedical Physics and Acoustics" erfolgen.
    ⇒ Der Studiengang wird gemeinsam von der Universität Oldenburg und der Hochschule Emden/Leer angeboten. Das erste Semester findet an der Uni Oldenburg statt. Ab dem zweiten Semester werden einmal die Woche Veranstaltungen in Emden angeboten. Die Einschreibung erfolgt an der Uni Oldenburg.
  • Typ: Vollzeitstudium (Standard, grundständig oder konsekutiv): Grundsätzliche Arbeitsbelastung ca. 1800 Stunden pro Jahr. Dabei ist zu berücksichtigen, dass eine Vollzeittätigkeit und ein Vollzeitstudium parallel nicht leistbar sind.
  • Regelstudienzeit: 6 Semester
  • Studienort: Oldenburg, einzelne Veranstaltungen finden in Emden statt
  • Studienbeginn: Wintersemester
  • Bewerbungsschluss: 15.10. (Bewerbung über die Uni Oldenburg, auch mit Fachhochschulreife)
  • Zulassungsbeschränkung: nein
  • Frühere NC-Werte: -
  • Vorpraktikum: nicht erforderlich
  • Zugangsvoraussetzungen: Fachhochschulreife oder allgemeine Hochschulreife oder fachgebundene Hochschulreife oder eine dem gewählten Studiengang entsprechende praktische Ausbildung mit besonderer Qualifikation.
  • Ordnungen (Prüfungs-, Studienordnungen, usw.)
  • Anmerkungen: Der Studiengang ist akkreditiert.