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Combining Theory and Practice


The close relationship between theory and practice can be seen in a variety of ways at the University of Emden/Leer – first and foremost in the cooperation between university and business, both in the region and beyond. Our students’ practical phase in companies is thus an essential part of studying at our university. Businesses can profit directly from this cooperation.



The Practical Phase: Students in your Company

The practical phase is an integral part of university studies, guaranteeing practice-oriented university education. It is also an advantage for businesses, as graduates need shorter orientation periods when they start work.

Students entering the practical phase have already enjoyed a thorough grounding in Business Administration and have acquired in-depth knowledge in their areas of specialisation. During this “test phase”, you can get to know your potential employees with no strings attached.

Advantages for your Business

A student’s practical phase in your company brings direct and long-term advantages:

Your company benefits directly from the know-how and commitment of the students and their supervisors. In their practical phase, students come with the time and specialised knowledge to tackle tasks that might have been waiting for some time in your company. These projects can also be covered in a bachelor’s thesis. Possible topics are:

  • Market analysis for a new project
  • Introduction or expansion of a controlling system
  • Formulating a risk management plan

What is more, you can get to know a potential employee with plenty of expertise, at an early stage. Students are able to build on what they have learnt in the practical context of your company. Later, and not least because of their practical experience in companies, they can become committed and well-trained employees.

How is the practical phase organised?

We look forward to receiving your openings for internships. The students will then apply to you. The practical phase lasts for a minimum of 12 weeks (net without holidays), with a working time of 40 hours per week. Absences are caught up by the students.

For the practical phase, a contract is drawn up between you and the students, regulating working time, insurance and pay, among other matters. We are happy to supply a model contract. The students are supervised by a professor from our university. After the end of the internship your company issues a certificate of the length and contents of the practical phase. An additional extensive reference describing their activities is a further asset. The practical phase is completed with a report and a lecture on operative activities and projects carried out in your company.

Joint Projects: Working towards a Solution with Student Teams

Would you like to conduct a project with the Faculty? Do you also have problems or objectives for which you are looking for a professionally sound solution? Do you have any projects that you simply do not have the time to complete in your day-to-day business?

The Faculty of Business Studies offers you the chance to have student teams work on these, under the supervision of professors. In this way they learn about day-to-day business, extend their expertise and experience project management hands-on.



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