Choosing an Area of Specialisation

The right choice of specialisation sets the course of a later professional career. The Areas of Specialisation guide contains all the information in a compact form and can be useful when choosing a suitable area of specialisation.



At the beginning of the specialisation phase in the 4th semester students choose two areas of specialisation.

Programme in Business Administration

Students of Business Administration take both areas of specialisation with a minimum of 20 ECTS (usually 4 classes per area of specialisation). At the end a total of 60 ECTS must have been achieved from the two areas of specialisation. Not all classes from the module data bank are available in every semester.



Programme in International Business Administration


Programme in International Business Administration

Student in the bachelor’s programme in International Business Administration (BIBA) also choose two areas of specialisation from the catalogue, the area of specialisation Corporate Tax Management may not, however, be selected.

One area of specialisation with 20 ECTS and a second area of specialisation with 15 ECTS are taken, as an additional 5 ECTS are awarded for the language courses during the specialisation phase.

For students in the BIBA Programme there are special international classes within the areas of specialisation. The ECTS are partly acquired at the university abroad.



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