Course structure 4th-6th semester Business Administartion


In the 4th and 5th semesters students may select two areas of specialisation according to their personal interests and career goals, in order to gain advanced knowledge of these fields.

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In the course options Project Management, Economic Theory and Politics, Commercial Law, and Language students build on their basic knowledge from semesters 1 to 3.

Most courses are offered in even smaller groups. The contents are acquired in a practical way through exercises, simulations and case studies.

Before embarking on their bachelor’s thesis, students start the final 6th semester with work experience: During a practical phase lasting at least 12 weeks, students get to know their future professional field “on the job” and apply the skills they have acquired. Click here for an overview of the Practical Phase.

The students then write their bachelor’s thesis over a further period of eight weeks – where possible with reference to the business where they spent their practical phase, and about an issue that they dealt with there. The programme ends with submitting the bachelor’s thesis and the subsequent oral exam. Click here for an overview of the Bachelor‘s Thesis.

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Course structure 4th - 6th semester International Business Administration


The first three semesters of the bachelor’s programme in International Business Administration (BIBA) are to a large extent identical to those of the bachelor’s programme in Business Administration. In these semesters the focus is on foundation courses covering both nationally independent aspects and national peculiarities of Business Administration. From the 4th semester, and especially during the semester abroad, students come across international peculiarities.

From the 4th semester BIBA students take two areas of specialisation in addition to the mandatory courses: the first area of specialisation with 16 classes (20 credit points) and the second area of specialisation with 12 classes (15 credit points). Students may choose from among all areas of specialisation offered in the programme in Business Administration. The only exception is the area of specialisation Corporate Tax Management, which may not be selected as the contents taught here do not correspond to the tax law that is applicable in other countries. Click here for an overview of the areas of specialisation.

One class in the areas of specialisation must be in English. As a rule, classes are held in German, but selected classes are offered in English. See also English Programmes.

A list of all modules in 4th -6th semester and information
on scope and contents can be found here:

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Module Data Bank 4th-6th Semester Bachelor International Business Administration

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