Course structure 1st-4th semester Master´s in Business Management


In the first three semester students are prepared in theory and practice for managerial roles especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. For this they gain advanced skills in the following areas:

Business Administration

Management Techniques

Project Management

Economics and Law

In the fourth and final semester students write their master’s thesis. Here they have two options: They can write their master’s thesis as a theoretical thesis, where the academic qualification is in the foreground, or apply scientific methods in their master’s thesis to address a practical problem in a company. The programme ends with the colloquium on this thesis.

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Module Data Bank 1st-4th Semester Master´s Business Management

Course structure 1st-4th semester Master´s in Management Consulting

The cooperation programme in Management Consulting, which is unique in Germany, is offered jointly with Universität Oldenburg.

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