Emden Campus

  • ·         What does Emden have to offer?
  • ·         Where can I live?
  • ·         How can I finance my studies?


In addition to the Student Counselling and Advisory Service , Studentenwerk Oldenburg (Student Services) can answer these questions for you.

If you are a new student you usually also need a room or a flat. Luckily Emden is not a typical “university town”, and in comparison you can find an affordable place to stay not far from the university, in some cases for less than € 200. But how?

If you happen to be in Emden, perhaps for registration, you can consult the university’s many notice boards. These are to be found near the cafeteria and student restaurant (mensa), and also in the individual faculties. You can also call on one of the many estate agents in town or look at offers in shop windows, but these services are not free of charge.

In addition the Saturday editions of the local newspapers (Emder Zeitung, Ostfriesen-Zeitung) have an accommodation section, and the Emder Zeitung also has an online service. There are also free weekend newspapers; in some cases the advertisements are the same, as they are owned by the same publisher’s.

Apart from privately-rented rooms and flats there are also several halls of residence in Emden:

  • Dukegat
  • Haus Gödens
  • Steinweg
  • Douwestraße

These are run by Studentenwerk Oldenburg (SWO), which is also responsible for Emden. There is a waiting list for some halls of residence; online applications are also accepted.

If you are from the South of Germany, you can search online. Apart from the above links to the local newspapers and the SWO you can try the following links – this is not a complete list:

The location of the flat does not matter much, as everything is within easy reach by Emden’s favourite means of transport, the bicycle. In fact the university even has its own bike repair shop with assistance if you need it! Apart from the centre, it is worth considering one of the other parts of town. The Constantiaviertel is of course ideal as it is so close to the university, but it is also expensive. Larrelt and Twixlum are also conveniently situated due to the pedestrian bridge over the bypass, and the same goes for the Conrebbersweg estate with the bridge across the Larrelter Tief. If you find an inexpensive flat in Petkum, make sure you first consult the town plan.

Everything at a Glance


Emden, the largest town in East Frisia, lies at the mouth of the River Ems, on the north shore of the Dollart. With over 49,000 inhabitants it is the smallest of the independent towns in Lower Saxony.



Emden is the most westerly seaport in Germany, and the third largest port of loading for cars in Europe. The largest employer in Emden is the VW factory situated there.



Website: www.emden.de