Before your Studies

What comes after school? Why study?

There are many good reasons for investing in your education and becoming one of tomorrow’s academics:

· A good chance of full employment: 2.4% unemployment rate among academics

· A secure future - not least due to skills shortage

· Better chances - especially in times of crisis

· Dream job: a university degree is an entrance ticket to selected professions

· High chances of promotion within a company

· Working according to your own individual interests and strengths

· Studying is an investment in yourself

· Financial incentives

Why study in Emden?
  • Live where others spend their holidays!

The typically low cost of living and high recreational value make studying in Emden attractive. Our campus university lies in one of the most popular regions in Germany; and you can concentrate on your studies here. See also Emden Campus .

  • Individual

The small study groups at our university have the major advantage that students are in close contact to teaching and other staff and to fellow students. Students benefit directly from constant exchange with other students and comprehensive support.

At the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, students can study according to their own individual wishes and interests. This is due to the broad range of courses, a transparent structure and choice within the specialisations. A sound degree with an international bias opens up a wide range of options to our graduates.

  • Innovative

New methods of studying and teaching are used here!

  • International

Studying with an international bias, many international contacts and links to more than 50 partner institutions abroad prepare students for work all over the world.

General Information on Studying at Campus University Emden/Leer!

General Information on Studying

General Information on Studying

·         How are the courses organised?

·         What is in the examination regulations?

·         What are modules?

·         What does ECTS mean?

Answers to these questions can be found in the

Course Guide Business Administration. . .

General Information to Universitys´ Definition  you can get here:

" University ABC"

Application for recognition
You already studied at a University or can exibit work experience?

Application for recognition

Here you get the Application of recognition.

Recognition of schools´experiences

There is the possibility that You can be given some credits for your school achievements Application for recognition / school Achievements

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