Meet our Students

Soumil Mukherjee, Indien, Alumni

Where are you from and which/where is your Home University?

I am from Kolkata (Formely Calcutta) which lies in the eastern part of India. I completed my Bachelor of Technology from "West Bengal University of Technology".

Are you an international exchange-student or an international degree-student and how long have you been at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer?

I am an International degree student pursuing Master of Engineering and have been here since March 2012.

What is your field of study and in which semester are you in?

I am currently pursuing a Masters´degree in Technical Management and am in my 1st Semester.

Why did you choose the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer for your study period abroad?

Was I skeptical about giving up my 31 month old job in an IT multinational and beckon studies again?

The answer would be Yes and No. This was the only University I applied to especially because of the course structure and the opportunity to learn the aspects of both Technical and Management studies. I had an urge to get familiarized with the Project Management techniques at the same time enhance my Technical skills, and there was no better option which I could think of. The challenge to learn a new language (by the way, the course is completely in English :) and the opportunity of exploring an all new culture made me even more eager to choose this University.

What do you especially like about the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer?

Our University as immensely talented professors with amazing levels of exposures to the industry. Having spent some time in the Industry myself, I have really enjoyed interacting with the most of the Professors. The studies here are more about thinking out-of-the-box and applying our knowledge on real-time problems, rather than sticking to the same old study book methodology.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for prospective international students?

It would be best if you can categorize yourself among one of the below. You have three options to choose from:

1. 35% Studies; 65% Fun

2. 65% Studies; 35% Fun

3. 100% Studies; 0% Fun

Option 1: People who have SMART goals and know how to enjoy life without neglecting their studies. Welcome to Emden. Tip: Having a German proficiency level >= B1 would make your stay in Germany much more pleasant.

Option 2: People who make a perfect roommate. Sincere enough to study themselves and make sure you also have the book open (which automatically rubs down knowledge inside your own head). At the same time, very particular about making sure that no party with a free entry is missed. Do not need my tip as they would anyway plan out stuff ages before and have enough Deutsch skills.

Option 3: It would be very difficult for you to survive with so much happening around; I would suggest you try some other University.

Do you have any advice or hints about living in Emden/East Freesia?

Do not miss the East Freesian Tea. Travelling can be a joy as you get a semester ticket where you travel for free within the state of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). Do travel to Amsterdam (3 hours/35€ Return).


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