Meet our Students

Isabel Sousa, Portugal, Alumni

Home country and home university

Portugal, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Why have you chosen the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer for your study period in Germany?

What did you study here?

In my home university I study Engineering and Industrial Management, so one of the reasons I chose this university is due to its flexibility. I attended lectures from Technical Management and International Business departments. A very important reason is that all my classes were in english.

What do you especially like at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer?

The environment of the university is very relaxed and nature envolved. The teachers are always available to help us. Very oftanly we had events organized by the international office. The buildings are confortable and very well equiped with good quality computer rooms, software. The library is super cozy and silent, which makes it the best place to study. And I love the Mensa for coffee breaks.

What inspires you in Germany (e.g. Culture, Art, Musik, Food)?

Arquitecture, christmas markets and snow! In Germany the buildings are very different from Portugal (due to climate) and modern. There were water channels and little bridges everywhere, which I find beautiful. In Portugal, at least where I live, it never snows, so I saw snow for the first time in Emden! The christmas markets are one of the most beautiful things I've seen. You can totally feel the christmas magic... P.S. Citizens are in general very civilized and humble. I love that.

Did you visit any cities and highlights in Germany? Which ones?

Yes! I travelled every single weekend with my semester ticket. I had to make the most of it, and as a foreign student I wanted to visit as many places as I could. Berlin (my favorite so far), Hamburg, Hannover, Oldenburg, Norddeich and Holland (Groningen and Deventer). All beautiful and unique places.

Where would you see your near professional career? In Germany or in a different country?

After my erasmus experience, I developed this desire to travel and live in different places arround the world. So, right now I see myself in this discovery of what is it that I am passionate about, and how does it feel to work in another country (not precisely in Germany, it can be any place outside of Portugal). But, after all my foreign experiences I want to return to Portugal and work there. That's where I want to settle down.

Any final words for your readers?

Go on Erasmus! Study outside! Travel! You will love it.


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