Meet our Students

Eduardo Cardoso Moraes, Brasilien, Doktorand

Home country and home university

Brazil, Federal University of Bahia, located in Salvador, Brazil.

Why have you chosen the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer for your study period in Germany? What do/did you study here?

I decided to come to the University of Emden/Leer because of the research expertise of the I2AR Institute, more specifically of my Advisor Prof. Armando W. Colombo in Service Oriented Area for automation and Industrial IT.


Here I am a Visiting Researcher, and I study some subjects related to my PhD Thesis.

What do you especially like at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer?

First I like the city of Emden, it is a small city, but with wonderful people and offers good services. The University offers very good infra-structure, especially the Technik department. My research colleagues are very friendly and proactive. The professors are well qualified and have a good methodology. Here you will find excellent courses with a applied approach. The International Office is very helpful and dedicated, and creates amazing events. I adored the international nights initiative. The Menza(University Restaurant) is also very good.

What inspires you in Germany (e.g. Culture, Art, Musik, Food)?

The german values: hard working and punctuality. The history of Germany, after I and II War really inspires me. I am shaping my personality with good examples, that I will bring to my life. Through this experience in Germany I had contact with people from different continents and different cultures. I am enjoying a lot German Pop/Rock.

Did you visit any cities and highlights in Germany? Which ones?

Yes. Berlin, Leer, Dortmund, Greetsiel, Bremen. Germany has many interesting places to visit. I liked so much Berlin, and I hope to visit more cities.

Where would you see your near professional career? In Germany or in a different country?

It was a valuable experience to be part of the international community in Germany especially in Emden. Emden has nowadays a great international community that is very friendly. Make me see the world with another point of view. About the future, I am open and will keep myself trying to understand how is our world and how to make it better.

Any final words for your readers?

I recommend the University of Emden, and you will not regret applying. I am sure that this experience will open your mind, and will be an important step in your future. A final recommendation: Be open to new experiences of german culture and study German as much as possible, will be important for you interact with local people and in daily life.


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