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Carlos Díez Macía, Spanien, Austauschstudierender

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Spain, Universidad Miguel Hermandez

Are you an international exchange student or an international degree student?

International degree student

Why have you chosen the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer for your study period in Germany?

I thought Emden was a good idea because I wanted to know more about te culture and learn the language. The other cities/universities I could have chosen didn't offer what I was looking for.

What is your field of study and in which semester are you in?

My field is Industrial Engineering.
I came to Emden as a Erasmus Student and when I finished Mechanical Engineering I decided to stay longer and continue here because the atmosphere here is really motivating. Teachers and Students shape a great team with great expectations.

What do you especially like at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer? Do you have any advice for international prospective students?

I like the laboratories and how the teachers are involved in what you are working with. I like how the students help each other and do things together, the great team-work and the projects about a lot of interesting things.

What inspires you in Germany (e.g. Culture, Art, Food)?

Nowadays there is the same internet culture in the whole Europe because of globalisation and you can find everything everywhere. Nevertheless, the little things in every country makes some differences that I appreciate a lot. If you want to learn more about german culture, food and art, just come here and try! It's the best way!

Did you visit any cities and highlights in Germany?

Yes, I visited a lot of cities. Berlin, Hamburg, Heidelberg and Stuttgart are my favourites.

Any final words for your readers?

Try to come! You won't regret!


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