Meet our Students

Alfredo Pena Ponce, Mexiko, Alumni

Where are you from and which is your home university?

I come from Monterrey, which is located in the north-east part of Mexico. I finished my bachelor studies in Mechanical Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey University.

Are you an international degree or an international exchange student?

Since September 2012 I am an international degree student pursuing the master degree in Technical Management.

What is your field of study and in which semester are you in?

I am in the 3th semester of the Master in Technical Management program. Nowadays this experience has given me the opportunity to do my internship at Airbus, in Hamburg.

Why have you chosen the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer for your study period in Germany?

By the time I was working in Mexico, I was already planning to pursue a postgraduate degree in the field of management and engineering. For that reason, I decided to study a master degree in Technical Management and I thought about Germany as my desired destination and the best option to study Engineering and related majors for Masters and PhD degrees. Now I know that the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer is the best option to do that.

What do you especially like at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer?

I enjoy interacting with people of different countries and in this program I found really good friends from all around the world like India, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran, Colombia, Spain and so on and this leads me to believe that sharing my knowledge is a very rewarding experience. Besides this, all the professors of this program are outstanding and really experts in their field. Also they share good experiences to us in order to provide a real-world learning.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for future international students?

This for sure will be one of the best experiences in your life, for this reason enjoy every day of this opportunity. Time goes so fast that you can not imagine. So, study, travel, make friends and live Germany!.

Do you have any advice or hint for living in Germany?

Buy a bicycle, discover Emden, use your semester ticket and enjoy!


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