10.09.2017 bis 15.09.2017
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

DPG Summerschool "Applied Photonics"

The School covers fundamentals in photonics and exciting developments in a broad range of research areas and industrial applications. Hands-on workshops in optical design software and comprehensive overviews of state-of-the-art technology provide an ideal forum for advanced Bachelor, Master, and PhD students to become acquainted with the topic and to initiate further discussions. Participants already being involved in research are encouraged to present their work in poster sessions.

Organisation: Each day of the School is dedicated to a main topic addressed by leading researchers, renowned companies, large scale research facilities, and metrology institutes. The speakers do provide insights into the industry and research landscape, career paths, and forthcoming technologies.


  • Thomas Reiter (ESA, Astronaut)
  • Thomas Udem (MPQ Garching)
  • Ludwin Monz (Carl Zeiss GmbH, Jena)
  • Rinat O. Esenaliev (University Texas, Galveston)
  • Jens Lassen (TRIUMF, Vancouver)
  • Holger Lubatschowski (ROWIAK GmbH, Hannover)
  • Ulf Quentin (TRUMPF, Ditzingen)
  • Josef Staub (Photonik-Inkubator, Göttingen)
  • Gerhard Ulm (PTB, IB, Berlin)
  • Jörg Baumgart (HS Ravensburg-Weingarten)
  • Gerhard Kauer (HS Emden/Leer)
  • Andrea Koch (HAWK hhg, Göttingen)
  • Walter Neu (HS Emden/Leer, ILO)
  • Herbert Schneckenburger (HS Aalen, IAF)
  • Thomas Schüning (HS Emden/Leer, ILO)
  • Bert Struve (HS Emden/Leer, ILO)
  • Ulrich Teubner (HS Emden/Leer, ILO)

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